Thursday, October 16, 2014

021 - Cheval/Horse - Alain Cotten

The word Cheval (horse) illustrated by Alain Cotten.

And my answer.

020 - Sad/Triste - Anna Winges

Here is the word sad illustrated by Anna Winges.

And my answer.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

019 - Royal - Cara Giusti

Cara sent this ATC to illustrate the word "royal".

And I sent this one in answer.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

018 - Frog/Grenouille - Kayenderes

Another ATC illustrating the word Frog from Kayenderes.

And another one from me.

017 - Frog/Grenouille - Kayenderes

Here is the ATC sent by Kayenderes to illustrate the word Frog (written in Mohawk transcription on the ATC).

And here is the one I sent.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

016 - Cat/Chat - Penny L

Penny sent me this ATC for the word Cat (chat).

And I sent this one back.

015 - Zebu/Zebu - Ursu

Ursu also sent me this ATC for the word Zebu.

And I sent this one back.

014 - Wildebeest/Gnou - Ursu

For the word Wildebesst (Gnou) Ursu sent me this ATC.

And I sent this one back.

013 - Frog/Grenouille - Ursu

Another ATC from Ursu for the word Frog (Grenouille)

And my answer

012 - Cow/Vache - Ursu

Ursu sent me this ATC for the word cow (vache).

And I sent him this one.

011 - Poppies/Coquelicots - Ursu

Here is the ATC sent by Ursu for the word Poppies.

And here is my answer.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

010 - Libellule / Drangonfly - Hester Wright

For her second sending Hester selected the word Dragonfly.

For my answer I wanted to give a Japanese style. Here is my ATC.

009 - Lune / Moon - Eva Albiol

Eva selected the word moon that she wrote in arabic on her ATC:

For my answer I selected a quote from an old French song telling the impossible love story between the sun and the moon.

008 - Cochon / Pig - Nicole Eippers

Nicole has chosen the word pig (cochon). Here is her ATC.

Here is mine in return.

007 - Arabesque / Arabesque - Philippe Charron

Here is the ATC from Philippe for the word Arabesque:

And here is mine:

Sunday, March 30, 2014

006 - Magie / Magic - France Picy

Here is the ATC I got from France Picy with the word Magie (Magic):

And the one I sent:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

005 - Timbre / Stamp - Philippe Charron

My friend Philippe Charron selected the word "timbre" (stamp) and used a joke to illustrate his ATC. In French if you add an accent to the e of Timbre it gives Timbré which (among other things) means fool. 

In return I created a game for him with a reproduction of a French stamp containing 7 mistakes to be found.

004 - Sweet / Doux - Micu

Micu selected the word "sweet" and chose to illustrate it in the famous "Home sweet home".

In return I sent her the following ATC.

003 - Mer / Sea - Eve Hernandez

Eve selected the word "mer" (i.e. sea in French) and sent me the following ATC.

In return I sent her my first ATC using a stamp in its design.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

002 - Hummingbird / Colibri - Hester Wright

Hester chose the word Hummingbird (Colibri) and sent me this very nice ATC:

Here is mine in return:

001 - Neige / Snow - Corinne Mejasson

Here is the ATC sent by Corinne illustrating the word "Neige" (Snow):

And here is mine: